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BOOT Dusseldorf

17-25 January 2009

meet us at

Hall 11  -  Stand C28

ELTRIM Trim Tabs will

  •  Allow a boat to have a slower planing speed, often essential for rough weather
  •  Adjust the trim of your boat to show the designed angle of attack
  •  Fetch your boat onto the plane faster, reducing fuel consumption at 'hump' speeds
  •  Effectively add lenght to the hull, shich can result in an improvement in performance and handling
  •  Reduce the amount of heel in order to show the maximum amount of 'Vee' to the water

 rather  then landing of the side of the 'Vee' reducing both hull stress and the

 passenger stress of uncomfortable cruising

 Eltrim Trim Tabs will improve the boat's performance and fuel consumption.